Jingjie Zheng
Software Engineer &  Researcher



I am a Software Engineer and part-time Researcher at Google Waterloo in Canada. Before, I studied Human-Computer Interaction at University of Waterloo with Daniel Vogel.


    FingerArc & FingerChord (UIST'18)

    Jingjie Zheng, Blaine Lewis, Jeff Avery, Daniel Vogel

    We conducted interviews with expert computer users, identified key issues that hinder the wide use of keyboard shortcuts, and proposed FingerArc and FingerChord to support novice to expert transitions.

    Paper (Google AI) / Video

    M3 Gesture Menu (CHI'18)

    Jingjie Zheng, Xiaojun Bi, Kun Li, Yang Li, Shumin Zhai

    We addressed the adoption challenges of marking menus in practice by designing, implementing, and evaluating M3 Gesture Menu (M3), a reimagination of marking menus targeted at mobile interfaces.

    Paper (ACM Digital Library) / Paper (Google AI) / Video

    Finger-Aware Shortcuts (CHI'16)

    Jingjie Zheng, Daniel Vogel

    We leveraged computer vision and machine learning techniques to identify the hand, finger, and posture on a laptop keyboard when a key is being pressed to enable more shortcut commands. (more)

    Paper (ACM Digital Library) / Video / Talk

    Knee Image Registration (SIVP)

    Jingjie Zheng, Zhenyan Ji, Kuangdi Yu, Qin An, Zhiming Guo, Zuyi Wu

    We proposed a feature-based solution to align the human knee images in the modalities of Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MR) to construct 3D models for disease diagnosis and stress analysis.

    Paper (Springer)